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Date: 3/31/2020

The Concept

These days you find computers everywhere, at homes, offices, banks, fast food joints, cinema halls, schools, libraries, ATMs, supermarkets, reservation counters of railways and airlines, and where not??
Computers have become a part and parcel of the way we live. 
Computers have become as essential as food, shelter, clothing, and oxygen for our survival in this technology savvy times. 

People are afraid to learn computers fearing the difficulty of the subject.
People fear that computer courses are exorbitantly priced. 
People think that one must be extremely gifted, talented and intelligent to learn Computers. 


Dewsoft provides solution to aforesaid problem, expanding new horizons for the common man, to prepare him best for future through its economically priced, world class courses with twin benefit of both online and offline education.

Through its portal www.BigBanyanTree.com, Dewsoft provides you all that you need to know to be computer savvy and implement them in your lives to get maximum benefits.

At BigBanyanTree.com, we provide courses for everyone - There are courses for beginners and professionals in IT fields, for housewives, for senior citizens, for people who want to enhance their personality, for those who want to improve their written and spoken English, and lots more… 

Education for ALL

Education is the springboard to take off into the world of money.

Though Dewsoft's unique "Earn While You Learn" program, you get an Optional Business Opportunity. Through this program, along with your studies you can earn as much as Rs. 1.5 lac per week.

Education Package Fee

Education Package sales price is US$185 (inclusive of all) effective from 1st August 2006.

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